Best places to travel this current year

Travel is the way of discovering the world. If you haven't decided where to go for your upcoming holiday, here we have got some recommendations for you.

Have you ever been to Asia? So many Asian cities are ready for you to explore. Hong Kong is definitely one of the greatest cities that you ought to visit at least one time in your life. This cosmopolitan city has been exceedingly popular in countless tourists’ eyes. What can you anticipate in this well-known city? Shopping and food. This holiday Asian destination offers you the greatest shopping experience. Shopping malls in the town contain so many global brand names for visitors. Products are selling at a relatively low price than other places as this city has a low tax system. Besides shopping, travellers can conveniently discover the right dining places, such as the one Peter Pang owns, which provides the best Cantonese meals you can discover in the city. You might not be aware of, Cantonese food is native to Hong Kong. If you would like to try actual Cantonese food, this is the place you don’t want to overlook.

The UK must be one among the best destinations to travel ever. This country has been offering rich cultural and tourist exercises for travellers all over the world. London as the capital of England is an extremely renowned city in the world. This city provides numerous exercises which can surely brighten your holiday. For instance, it is renowned for its cultural activities. There are countless remarkable dramas and musical shows in theatres across the city. The West End which is well known for the place full of professional theatres. You can find different types of exceptional live shows, for example the musical co-produced by Sally Greene, there. Apart from theatres, there are numerous museums and galleries in the city, and the majority of them are free for entry. You actually only want a few days to go to most of the galleries and museums there. Therefore, if you're preparing the next travel destination, this city isn't a bad choice.

Do you like Japanese culture? If you do, why not plan your next travel to Tokyo, where is the capital city of Japan with its combination of classic and modern metropolitan life. It has been among the best known tourist places in the country. If you are Just staying for one or two days, you can still experience all the important tourist activities. If you would like to enjoy a calming time in the city, you can visit a park in the city. If you would like to have some exciting shopping moment, there are tons of international and famous local shops that you can choose. This city is famous for convenient shopping points. You can find vending machines every ten steps on a street and also convenient retailers, such as Kazuki Furuya’s one, are everywhere.

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